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Welcome to the Competition on Runtime Verification! Here are the instructions that will allow you to access the server where you can upload your sample traces, setup your tool and test it.

Accessing the server

To access the server, you can open an SSH connection to ``. You can also upload/download files using SFTP at the same address. Your username and password will be communicated to you in a separate message.

The server is installed with Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit, with a standard Bash command-line environment (you can also use Zsh as your default shell if you wish). You do not have root access to this server. This means that if your tool requires special packages to be compiled or to run, you won't be able to run commands like `sudo apt-get install xyz`.

However, the organizers can do this for you. Simply write us a message ( indicating precisely the packages you require (do a search beforehand to make sure you have all the packages you need with all the right names), and we will install them. (Similarly if anything else needs to be installed.)

If your tool is written in Java, please try to bundle any dependencies (JAR files) locally. We would like to avoid copying any JAR files to the global extension folder (`/usr/java/packages/lib/ext`), to avoid potential clashes between teams using different versions of the same library.

Setting up your tool

In your account, it is then up to you to setup your tool and make sure it runs. The server you setup your tool on is the same that we will use to run the competition in a later phase. Therefore, you don't need to prepare installation instructions, or worry that the tool will correctly run during the competition: if it works for you, it should work for us!