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The Offline track is concerned with the monitoring of traces. A benchmark will consist of a trace and a specification (see the rules document).

Please follow the example of Team 0 in how to organise your submission i.e. provide a team name and description and create a page per benchmark (named Track TeamX BenchmarkX).

Please use the below template to create your benchmark Wiki pages. Do not modify the template.

Benchmark Template - Offline track

Team 0 (ExampleName)

The ExampleName tool works by magic dust and hope, utilising a new constant time algorithm for sorting. This paragraph is an example of the fact that there should be a few sentences written about the team and its tool. The tool is developed by John Lennon and Tintin. Further information about the tool can be found at [1].

Team 1 (BeepBeep3)

BeepBeep 3 is an event stream engine: it receives a stream of events produced by some application or process, and produces in realtime a new stream of events. Internally, BeepBeep analyzes and transforms the event stream by passing it through a chain of basic event processors, with the output of one (or more) processor being piped to the input of the next one. The exact configuration of these processors is completely left to the user and can be specified through various means, including ESQL, a query language based on SQL, or programmatically using Java.

The tool is developed by Sylvain Hallé and the team at LIF. More info can be found on BeepBeep's website.

Team 2 (MarQ)

MarQ (Monitoring at runtime with QEA) monitors specifications written as Quantified Event Automata (QEA) [2]. These are described in the original QEA paper. The MarQ tool is overviewed in a tool paper [3]. QEA is based on the notion of trace-slicing, extended the existential quantification and free variables. The MarQ tool is written in Java and uses AspectJ for online monitoring of Java programs. Further details and examples can be found here [4] and here [5]. The tool is available on github [6] but is unstable, please contact the author if you want a stable version.

Team 3 (CRL)

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