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This is the Wiki site for CRV 2016, the 3rd International Competition on Runtime Verification. This site describes the benchmarks and monitors submitted by each participant and also the specifications from each participant competing on that benchmark.

The organisers are Ylies Falcone [1], Giles Reger [2] and Sylvain Halle [3]

For queries contact, please do not contact the organisers directly

The Wiki for the previous competition can be found here [4] but please note that (i) many things may have changed since the last competition, and (ii) the Wiki was not used properly or to its full potential last year, we hope for this to be different this year.

Important Dates

Registration May 1st - June 5th
Benchmark Collection May 1st - May 29th
Clarifications June 5th - June 12th
Monitor Collection June 19th - July 10th
Results August 1st


Please refer to [5] for all details relating to the rules. Any clarifications will be posted here and updated in the document directly (please do contact the organisers if anything needs clarification).


The tracks in this year's competition are as follows:

Accessing the server

Here are the Server_Instructions.